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Explicit Ferrets (i.e. Me)
July 12, 2006, 10:14 pm
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Hey, guess who has the coolest wife?  That's right!  Me.  She read my recent post on not buying Thom Yorke's solo debut and then bought me the CD, and it got here yesterday.  That's also right, the day it came out!  She also wins the prize for Most Loyal Blog Reader, a fact for which I am glad, considering what the prize is.

And Thom sounds like Radiohead.  And Radiohead makes me dance.  Actually, it sounds like Radiohead without the cool guitars and with the cool beats.  Which makes me dance, but not be quite as sad.  Track 4, however, “Black Swan,” (the one with the F word repeated 15 times every chorus) ranks among the most depressing songs of all time.  Just listen to it.

Until now, I had no CDs that I explicitly knew had explicit lyrics warnings (Sure, I was pretty sure that that Dizzee Rascal CD that the guy on said was clean was in no way clean.  And the live Rage Against the Machine.  And probably a Tricky album or two is filthy. But until now none of them actually had the label when I bought them.)

Then yesterday, that Thom Yorke CD arrived.  BUT, I could still claim that I had never knowingly purchased an explicit lyrics CD, being the good Christian boy I am, who washes his face nightly and again before breakfast.  And then, yesterday afternoon, Holly wanted to go to Salvation Army in Brown Deer.  And we did.  And there I bought Hallucination Engine by Material, with its large explicit lyrics sticker and its much more convincing “$1.39” sticker.

At least now we all know the price of that particular conviction.

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