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Personal Fam Pizza
July 16, 2006, 8:04 pm
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The wifey and I take our foods seriously.  Our family motto: “When the food is done, we eat it.”  And eat it we did last week.  No time for materialistic dishes (although we did have napkins, which I cropped out) or pleasantries.  The meal? An entire Jack's frozen pizza, uncut.

Who knew that family values could be so tasty?

Jane Q. Public: But Taser's Edge, surely you don't think that yours will ever be a house in which to raise children.  With those manners, their rooms would surely be a fright to see.

T.E.: Ma'am, if we sit down as a family and eat a pizza hog-style, then we are still better off than the average American family sitting down in front of the tellie night after night.  Americans today are spending too much time trying to solve “C”s “S”s of “I”s and “Cold Case”s, and too little time talking about their days and/or eating in community.

Why any American family wouldn't want to try to eat an entire frozen pizza together, without cutting it, is my idea of a first-rate “mystery.”  If Dick Wolf could make a show about that instead of all these Law and Order spin-offs, he'd have himself a show. 

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