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The Slippery Dope and His Surreal August 5**
August 8, 2006, 7:33 pm
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To explain the title, I must apologize for my blog's lack of updates.  I am the titular “dope” and the slippery slope is the same which plagues every other blog I know, except for one by a writer, and some others that are updated by multiple people.

But, I just returned from a wedding in Nebraska (Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzen!).   And, yes, weddings are the only things that can draw me to Nebraska.  Homer's Music and Gifts is an added bonus to pick up Rilo Kiley new and cheap, but not worth traveling for.

On the return trip, some plans for lodgings fell through.*  And then, Holly and I spent our first anniversary with Tom and Diane Cappelletti (I am reasonably sure that the last name is spelled correctly, but feel free to correct my spelling of Diane).  They are some family friends.  Or, rather, the wealthy (in my opinion, although probably not theirs) parents of my brother's gal Tara C (scroll down this linked page to gain insight into Tara).

Wined and more wined, we then enjoyed the scenic bike paths of Lombard and Villa Grove (or Park?) Illinois, purveyed upon two of the several mountain bikes that Tom owns and has apparently collected from rummage sales.  This was followed by dining and then more wining (or beer in my case, as my refusal of alcohol to this point seemed to be offending my hosts, (and I actually do like beer)).  After which we slept.

Then, in the pre-5 AM Chicago morning, Tom dropped us off at O'Hare in their white Caddy.  If I had been less a wife and some baggage, it would have been his vintage Harley.  Alas.***  A surreal night indeed.

So, tomorrow, Holly and I are going to the North Carolina coast for our real one year anniversary, and I wanted to get out a post before three more nights and days pass.  Adieu.

*DISCLAIMER: Any party or parties who feel guilt in this matter need no longer obsess about the aforementioned guilt, as incident is passed and therefore Past.

**Copyrighted as my idea for a great band name.

***I say alas, but I would not have been in Nebraska or Chicago if not for Holly.

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