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On Palindromes, and Introducing a Mystery
August 19, 2006, 8:12 pm
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Palindromes, you say?  No, not the normal kind (i.e. “Noel, let's egg Estelle on!“).

This kind:

For a number of months, I have been told to and to not see this film by members of my family.  And I saw it.  And I liked it.  There–my vote is cast.  No, not life-changing, but very well done.  Funny and bothersome.

Now, the only question is why my brother-in-law, T. Jarrett Harris, likes it and has chosen to champion it.   That is your job, readers.

After clicking on his name and reading a few articles, consider that the film is about a 12 or 13-year-old who is obsessed with babies.  And instead of babysitting like many other girls her age, she decides she needs to have one (herein lies the problem and the bothersomeness).  It is a comedy.

Below are the other clues about TJH that are designed to help you in deciphering the mystery:

1.  Married to my sister.

3.  Past film interests include “Newsies.”

4.  Lapsed musical interests include U2.

2.  Insert your own clue here, aspiring detectives.  Anything you can make up is fair game.  As long as it helps solve the mystery.

SLEUTHS, a final clue before sending you on your way: Realize before embarking on this case that when I say that he “has chosen to champion it,” the case may actually be that his defense of the film has grown in proportion to the attacks of other people upon it.

So hop to it.  And feel free to leave any new clues you uncover in your replies.

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