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Actual Informational Announcement
August 30, 2006, 2:52 pm
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If anyone were wondering, I am currently at Duke Divinity School.  Here is my class schedule:

A.) Church History I–Here we learn about everyone's favorite saints.  And hopefully those who were killed by them.  You know: holy wars, Ivanhoe, Robin Hood, Reverend Moon.

B.) Hebrew III
–Technically titled “Hebrew Prose Reading,” it is focused on reading Hebrew aloud on top of all the interpretive stuff.  I am kind of wondering if going with Hebrew is a waste of an elective, but all the Ph.D. programs for any kind of Biblical languages require Hebrew, Greek, and Ludwegian. 

C.) Old Testament I
–Did you know that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were actually tribal leaders and the Bible's claims about their ancestral line is a piece of Scriptural fibbery?  Neither did I…until I came here.  Thanks, Duke, for inspiring confidence in you on my first homework reading of the year.

D.) The Pastor's Vocation
–Begins in an hour, taught by the dean of the seminary.  For this class, I had to have Mondays free because on Mondays I will be working in other occupations to see if I should really be a pastor or if I should do something else.  That's fifteen eight-hour days in fifteen different trades in a fifteen-week semester.  But only one paper at the end about my experiences.

Total Number of Classes: 4.4 (Ministry Formation Groups Aren't Quite Half A Class and Have No Credit Offered)

Total Number of Books for this Semester: 30+

The Opportunity to Study at a Top Tier, World Class University: Priceless

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