The Taser's Edge

September 9, 2006, 9:45 pm
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This is my impression: I am not good at making new friendsYes, I had hoped that the rest of my life was just a fluke, and that Duke would be where I discovered my true extrovertial selfI'm sure you thought the same thingAlas, we were just fools.  

(That was exhausting.  I'm done now, I think.)

When I leave class, I never see anyone that I know in the hallways.  And I think I know quite a few people!

All this would be fine, except that for some reason I am finding it difficult to stay motivated when I need to be doing stuff, namely Hebrew and loads of reading.  And thus my work schedule becomes the following:

1.  Waste time.
2.  Sit down to do that paper.
3.  Stand up and pace.  Tell yourself you just can't work.
4.  Go to bed at 12:20 am having wrestled in your mind whether going to bed is a good idea, and having given up the argument because you confused yourself.
5.  Get up at 3:15 am to finish the paper.
6.  Go back to bed at 5:30 am having finished same paper.
7.  Get up at 6:25 am to take Holly to school.
8.  Go home and take a nap instead of the Hebrew you need to do before school.
9.  Get out of Old Testament at 12:15 pm and do a rush job on your Hebrew to get enough of it done before class that you can lie to yourself and pretend that you gave it the time that it required and that you actually got it all done.  Plus, remind yourself that Hebrew's not really your thing.  You like Greek.
10.  Eat ice cream to reward yourself for finishing all your work like the good student you are.
11.  Don't tell Holly.
12.  Waste time.

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