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Having Had It With Politics…
September 16, 2006, 10:29 pm
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This is a declaration…Who's with me!?

Being that I seem to waffle back and forth in my political ideas, and having seen that the far right is less cool (judging from their moustaches) than the far left, I have decided to throw my heart into the ring as an extremer left candidate for the Mexican presidency.  I hereby petition for a full recount, as I had not yet announced my candidacy at the time of the recent election.

Barring a full recount, I intend to setup a parallel parallel government to that of Lopez Obrador, my most unworthy opponent.

So, you may ask, what is my political platform?


You may remember Dada-ism, that movement where the French guy used a urinal as art, and then put a moustache on the Mona Lisa.  These are tame as compared to my neo-Dadaist parallel parallel dictatorship of The NeoDadaist Republico de Mexico.

Among my many reforms are the following:

1.  All Dadaists shall be publicly hanged, and their bodies shall be used as moustaches for the urinals of Mexico.
2.  All Neo-Dadaists will resist reason in all of its forms, and resist most of all absurdity, the mark of Dadaists.
3.  All able-bodied taxidermists shall switch jobs with the governors of their respective provinces for a day.
4.  Finally, anyone found delivering the first three demands or enforcing them will be hanged as an enemy of the state.

So again, who's with me?  Any interested parties need to contact me immediately so we can rent a speedboat and get to the Non-Aligned Movement in Cuba before it's over.  Got to get out and kiss some leftist babies!  I can still get some tickets to the summit on eBay, but they're going fast.

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