The Taser's Edge

Taser's Edge Issues a Retraction!!
September 24, 2006, 10:20 pm
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Yesterday I wrote about feeling like a fictional Kurt Cobain and everybody got mad at me. So, to get back at you all, I am writing a post that you can pretend I wrote yesterday. And, in so pretending, you can believe that I am actually the dumb kind of happy rather than the kind of happy that I actually am—the real joy kind.
Tonight I watched Care Bears Go to Love Mountain II: The Reckoning directed by Gus Van Slant. He’s one of my favorite directors. It’s about a Ziggy-like character in the last days before he finds out what love truly is—spending time with friends. And it reminded me of me.
Basically, Funshine Bear wanders around a huge mountain in the country somewhere, and then goes inside the magic cave to wander from time to time. His friends make every attempt to help him. (That’s the “like me” part.) And then he learns what love truly is.
And after watching it, I stood up and wandered around our admittedly smaller apartment, while Holly slept on the couch. The bear in the movie would eventually go into the Goofy Bean Orchard and mess around a bit. And now I am seated in front of my laptop, messing around a bit with what I do. See? We’re the same. In every way. We even mumble the same.

Here I go.  Wander, wander, wander, hug-a-friend, make-a-friend, wander.  My pants are literally filled with love to the point of yellow.

Except I don’t drag magical poky juice around with me. Don’t have any. And I don’t think Holly would let me drink real poky juice in the house. Still, I would like my kids to experience the thrill of riding a rainbow powered by poky juice. I drank poky juice when I was eight and I’m fine. Even like to hug spiders.
Au revoir.


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