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To Continue the Onslaught of Density
October 18, 2006, 9:23 pm
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Join me in the creation of a new art form, which I wanted to christen a tamarack, before I learned that that is already a word, a kind of tree.  Mine has 100 words, but I think it can be shorter or longer.  Basically, you start with a word of interest and then manipulate it based on its sounds and on your free association, making sure to end dramatically, unless you choose not too.  I hope that it shows you a lot about my subconscious.  And I would even encourage you to read the whole thing.


Werewolf warewolf wherewolf wearwolf wearwoof earwolf erewolf erewhon thatutopianidealland thatutopianindianaland thatutopianidealisland thatutopianhambandannaland thatutopianidealpianoland thatutopiaandbananaland caredwomb sharedwomb wherewomb istomb Histomb highnoon cancun monsoon goodnightmoon pontoon toosoon cartoon carroom carwomb carwog catwog catwag catdog hotdog dogwag happysad losttooth uncouth foresooth vermouth wherewoof warewoof werewoof Searedwolf sharedwolf merewolf manwolf tanwolf cannedwolf tinnedwolf canyouwolf caredwolf baredwolf bearwolf bare-a-wolf bear-a-wolf periledwolf imperiledwealth paredwolf pearwolf pairedwolf lonewolf I Therewolf theirwolf tearwolf terriblewolf fearwolf fairwolf statefairgulf fairywolf scareablewolf fearablewolf ablewolf tablewolf tablewealth cabletooth Iamwolf Thouartwolf Weamwolf Heamwolf Sheamwolf Shamedwolf Blamedwolf Blitzerwolf blitzenwolf rudolphreindeer trebleclef chincleft mebereft andnowtenwordsleftandthennonenomore Waifman Surprise, In Hercherryeyes the wolf in you dies Amen

Now give it a try in the comments! (Be not afraid.)

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