The Taser's Edge

Poeticism Part Deux
October 25, 2006, 10:37 pm
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One Hedge Hog Philosophicates On the Sublime
Lofty above the groundhogs
I live in this nest
Not burrowed by rodents,
And contemplate.
Like the eagles, my life
Is ordered by grace.
(Though their screeching mocks Reason,
And sends Her away fleeing.)
And as for those humans
Who claim to seek the Good—
Uprightness of posture does not equate
With righteousness of Soul.
My spines shimmer,
Glimmeringly they quiver,
I am super-vertebrate but
I have learned this—

Every spine must bend to meditate.

Another car top carrier dies in childbirth

The old mother is stretched,

Warped, buckling, arthritic—
These are the last contractions.
Struggling breaks stirrups
And she topples off to hug highway,
Her swollen belly now bursting, now

Birthing four lanes of bouncing beautiful baby.

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