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Sorry. Yes, I'm still here.
November 9, 2006, 7:01 pm
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Did you know that in the three weeks I have been away, 83% of other blogs have not been updated either? (START WITH AN INTERESTING RHETORICAL QUESTION AND/OR STATISTIC)  Lots of good intentions out there, but I want to lay out some reasons why it didn't happen for me lately.

I did keep thinking of you all.   But I had a lot to do.  Probably the same reason that most of you readers never update your own blogs either.  Do not fear, I have indeed been writing.


                 I'm not a cold person, just cold-boned. (Yes, I too noticed that I appear to be reading here.)

And speaking of writing, this has been my main frustration with Duke of late.  The school is apparently very proud of the writing of its graduates.  There are some of us every year that are even published while in the program.  (Lauren F. Winner doesn't count, since she was published before she got here.)  On the other hand, perhaps she does count because, despite her Ph.D. from Columbia, she probably got graded down for failing to follow the (expletive deleted) Rubric for Narrative Evaluation.

Now the rubric was developed with every good intention by intelligent people, I am sure.  Its intention is to provide some level of objectivity in the grading of papers within the school, particularly by preceptors (i.e. Teaching Assistants).  In practice, they reduce my writing back to the fifth-grade-and-under-format.  I apologize that there are no links below despite all the underlinings.  Feel free to click anyway and let me know if anything happens:

My topic is blah which is generalizationWho's insight into blah is important.  In this paper, I intend to show that blah is this, that, and the other. [ I have indeed been encouraged to use that (“In this paper, I will show, etc.”) format for the thesis.]

Section 1–THIS
Section 2–THAT
Section 3–THE OTHER

In conclusion, blah is important because this, that, and the other.

Now, I like my writing, but I also think it could get better.  A lot better.  The problem is that they are making me change my writing in a way that makes it different rather than better.  Perhaps the lateral movements are necessary, but I am skeptical.  And also cynical (which is both unrelated and not good, I admit).

So instead of writing wonderful stuff like this entry, I am doing this to my papers:

                                             Don't copy my brilliance! (It will only get you a B+ at best anyhow.)

My original complaint in my journal was a lot better than this one, despite the fact that it lacked pictures.  It was also a more complex argument, which included an indictment of the undergraduate education I received at Concordia University Wisconsin.  They didn't help me write neither.  (And, in my journal, I felt the need to be honest and admit that when I read a theological paper that follows the rubric well, it is incredibly clear.  Luckily for the perpetuation of my pity, honesty and integrity have no place on the Internet.)

In conclusion, my annoyance with my writing is due to unseasonably cold weather, Lauren F. Winner, the rubric, someone marking up my pages, and the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and affiliates.  

Anyone but me, you know.

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