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Ten Minutos Start Now
November 30, 2006, 6:53 pm
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I have just calculated that I still technically have enough time to do my papers before the end of the semester, assuming that sleep is reduced.  Right now I have permitted myself ten minutes to update, because otherwise it won't happen until next Wednesday.

And in anticipation of my world having breathing room in less than one week's time (hopefully), we have decided to introduce Taser's Edge's first reader's poll.  You decide what the next real post will be.  The following are all culled from an actual running list that I keep of ideas:

9. Not thinking negatively about baby possibilities.  (As a Christian, I think part of the purpose of marriage is procreation, and yet, as a poor student and a person in love with his own freedom, I fear the possibility.)

20. “Write an authentic sentence four pages long (do not cheat by using colons and semicolons that are really periods).” – On Becoming A Novelist by John Gardner, p. 16.

31. Discussion of puns in the footnote of Phyllis Trible's book on rhetorical criticism.

So it has now been 13 minutes.  I can truly guarantee that any of these will be interesting (yes, even the last one) and now I must go.


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