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Come NC Durham
January 4, 2007, 3:49 pm
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My posts have become extremely irregular in part due to busyness, but mostly because I had lost interest in updating.  But then I realized that people (mostly my family) like to keep an extra connection to me, and this serves as one.

For those of you who do not know, every day when school is in session I walk from our house to Duke's East Campus.  From there I ride the Duke bus to West Campus, home of the Divinity School.  After finishing finals at Duke, I started taking more interesting walks.  On one of them, Holly and I found a place called the Scrap Exchange, where they sell junk in bulk to artists.  (Note to lawyers: neither link is true.)  The Scrap Exchange also does birthday parties, if you were wondering.

Yesterday I found a small Mexican grocery store where the sell the largest pork rinds you have ever seen.  About as big as my face, no kidding–only three fit in the hefty bag they were packaged in.

Then today, I decided to walk to the library for the first time.  I think it is shorter than the walk to Duke.  It is also much more depressing.  A visual:

This is a house on Roxboro Road, one of the busiest streets in Durham.  The picture's not spectacular, but that is indeed firewood under the blue tarp.  In a different part of town, that might just be for a romantic night.  Here I assume that it is actually the main source of heat.  Another reason to enjoy the mild winter here.

And then on the way home from the library a guy called to me from down the street…and offered to sell me crack.  While it feels kind of cool when someone assumes that you smoke weed and asks for some, being offered crack is depressing.  Especially because it's a five-minute walk from your front door.

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