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January 30, 2007, 12:59 pm
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This is a tough semester. Classes are a little bit harder probably, and I have decided again to attempt the supposedly impossible task of reading everything (and I even mean no skimming).  The real problem (in terms of what makes me busy) is that now I am working (10 hours a week) and playing guitar for worship at Holly and my church (3-4 hours a week). Add to this Oscar-contending movies plus Ben’s Christmas gift to Holly and I (moolah to see said movies in the theater), Duke Library owning the first season of Big Love (HBO’s hot new polygamy drama), and trying to make new friendships by cooking for people on school nights, and you have a full schedule.
So how am I doing? I am happy to say that I am happily busy. Last week was not a good one for sleep but this week should be at least a little better. Using some Christmas money, I allowed myself the luxury of a couple new CDs (Bjork’s “Vespertine” and Count Basie’s “April in Paris”), of which neither has yet arrived so I can’t give a full review. Although I have loved the latter CD for a long time without ever buying my own copy. Basie beats Duke Ellington in my book, despite Ellington always being labeled the far better composer. Basie’s band just grooves, dances, and pulses where Ellington mostly pulses while dancing much less. Basie is a unit where Ellington is a pack of soloists. And that’s how the bandleaders liked it.
Anyway, that seemed a bit too informational for what began as a personal journal entry. The other recent CD purchase was due to a screwed up Christmas order on Even though it was an independent seller who sent me the wrong item, when I complained to Amazon, they gave me ten free dollars, and Holly and I now own FutureSex/LoveSounds by Justin Timberlake. Very solid first half, but kind of turns into a ballad bog by the second half. Kind of like how the Killers first album was really fun at the front and then got a little too Eighties by the end. Timberlake is definitely embracing the Eighties too, and I am hoping for his sake that his emulation of Michael Jackson stays in the musical realm. Be warned—if you listen to lyrics then you might want to skip FutureSex. It might make you blush.
Starting a semester of Hebrew is always hard on me, and this one was no different. Holly will tell you that I have freaked out each semester (this being the fourth) and then still allowed the add/drop date to pass without dropping Hebrew. Part of the problem is that I have never dropped a class (as far as I can recall), and it feels a lot like quitting. The only difference being that I don’t know why I should do thing that are this uncomfortable when I don’t have to or particularly feel that it is part of my calling as a pastor. That said, you may hear about my Hebrew troubles in the fall again. But at least then I’ll be enjoying The History of Methodism (tongue firmly in cheek, hand over heart, and actually it does sound kind of interesting because I feel like I know more about Baptists and Lutherans than about Methodists).

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