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The Name Should Have Tipped Me Off
August 16, 2007, 10:22 pm
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 Knowing nothing about cars, I generally have to feel my way around blindly when I have moved to a new place until I find a mechanic that I intuit that I can trust. And intuit is about the end of my abilities in judging mechanics. It is at these times that I slightly regret my low car IQ, and am very glad that automobiles are becoming ever more computerized so that I have a decent cover for my lacking in masculinity. At such times I am most vulnerable for to being, ahem, screwed by somebody who can read my utter cluelessness.  Witness how Mike Surly, auto service worker, weaves his way through my expert façade:

Mr. Surly: “So, while we’re in there, do you want us to change the plasmodium connectors? It’ll only be the cost of the part since we’ll be in there anyway to change out the spark belt.”
Hapless Me: “Yeah, I was thinking about asking you to do that…since you’ll be in there anyway…By the way, I love to listen to Car Talk. I guess you probably don’t listen to NPR—National Public Radio—though. They don’t have NASCAR or the National Football League…both of which I love to watch…while drinking Natural Light…with my hot wife.”
Methinks: “Now he knows ah ain’t no schmo. Keepin’ it cool the  NJ way.”
Mr. Surly: “Car Talk. Love it. With all the parts and labor, that’ll be about 1841.52. That’s an estimate. Of course it might go up or down when we actually get in there, if we run into some problems. We’ll call you if that happens.”

(Exeunt Hapless Me.)

Three days into renting a car while ours was sitting two blocks away at Mike’s Transmission, I called to see when I could get it back. The part had not yet arrived, but they made sure to let me know that it wasn’t their fault.


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