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A Wee Cheating Post
September 10, 2007, 8:43 pm
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Ah, a new semester.  I trust you might have seen the books for this semester already.  But here is the schedule of major events (i.e., papers, and books that have to be read in large chunks).  Essay 1 is done already, as you can see.


10—Theology Topic Essay 1

11—Preaching an OT Story

14—AC finish reading The Divine Dramatist

16—Mt. Bethel Pastor’s Letter

19—Sermon 1 is Due in class

20—Methodist Paper Topic w/ Bibliography

24—Theology Case Study 1

25—American Christianity Quiz 1

27—Preaching—Exegetical Worksheet 1 is due



4—Methodist Midterm

8—Theology Case Study 2

15—Theology Midterm

16—Preaching Midterm

17—Preach Sermon 2

30-American Christianity Quiz 2



5—Theology Topic Essay 2

6—Methodist Term Paper Due

8—Preach Sermon three w/ 5 pages exegetical notes

16—AMXTIAN finish reading American Jesus

29—Preaching Preacher Paper Due



7—Final Sermon Due

10—Methodism Final

    –Theology Case Study 3

    –Theology Final

12—American Christianity Quiz 3 and Final

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