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Real Concerns Voiced Well

That title  could refer to plenty of things.  In this case, the ‘real concerns’ refers to the concerns of we pro-lifers under an Obama administration with a strongly Democratic Senate and House, a situation which I helped create with my own votes.  I’ve said it before, but not yet here–I voted for Obama and other Democrats because I am pro-life.  But I had no illusions when I voted for Obama that he was interested in protecting the lives of the unborn over the rights of their mothers.  Okay, perhaps a slight illusory hope that ‘safe, legal, and rare‘ might actually mean something, but I think I might be admitting more clearly to myself that that’s not likely to happen.  And while I don’t regret my votes, I do still regret that there was not really a truly pro-life (in all its stages) candidate on the ballot.

So that’s the ‘real concerns.’  Now for ‘voiced well.’  Every long once in a while (and I have to admit I don’t really hunt very hard) I stumble across a pro-life position paper that truly deserves to be heard and to be answered, a worthy opponent if you will, despite any flaws that any argument is bound to have.  A few days ago, when I was scanning over the First Things website to write about John Richard Neuhaus, I found one.  So you should read it and tell me what you think: “Abortion after Obama” by Joseph Bottum.

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