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Andy Kaufman on Letterman
January 21, 2009, 6:00 am
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I really enjoyed Jim Carrey’s Man on the Moon when I saw it, but I had no real Andy Kaufman in my head at the time to compare Carrey’s version to.  Holly can tell you that this past Saturday, I spent some time on YouTube learning.  This video…I’m not sure if it’s representative at all, but I love it when Letterman hates his guests (he’s kind of like my Grandpa both in the way he shows people contempt and in his hatred for Bill O’Reilly), and it’s absolutely bizarre how actually musical the musical performance is, almost completely transcending the fact that Kaufman looks totally ridiculous, if you just let yourself listen.  It makes me wonder how long it will take for all of his work to seem aged, but as for now, I’ll at least stop talking.

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I have no idea who this guy is but he’s hysterical. I actually liked the song he did but the sword thing made me queasy. Is this like 20 years ago?

Comment by Terry

If you were wondering why your reply didn’t show up immediately, it’s because I have to accept the first reply of each person who comments. From now on, it should work the first time.

As for your comment’s content, you and Glenn really should watch “Man on the Moon.” It’s really excellent, and it was one of the first movies to show that Jim Carrey has some serious drama talent. I don’t know how accurate it is about Andy’s life, but it’s a wonderful movie, and I think you would like him because you are drawn to interesting characters, and he is one heck of an interesting character. (Be forewarned, it does have some nudity.) And he was best known popularly by being on Taxi.

Comment by tasersedge

I thought Letterman starting hating his guests in recent years, but this post proves otherwise! Seriously, what’s with that guy? I think some of the most uncomfortable moments on television have been Letterman interviews.

Comment by Jarrett

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