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I Smell Free Books

The nice new paper and glue smell is intoxicating.  I’m not sure who passes through my blog or what other blogs y’all read, but I checked out Emergent Village the other day, and Tripp Fuller of Homebrewed Christianity had posted.  I must admit I don’t read either of those blogs regularly, but I’m glad I did.

There is an upcoming conference–Transforming Theology–out at Claremont School of Theology which Tripp’s helping to organize.  These are some of the folks coming.  Most importantly, they have a grant to put free books in the hands of bloggers who agree to write about them for the conference.  Who knows how many more people they want or will handle (his email said they’ve already gotten over 100), but you can register here as long as the link works.

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I happen to be one of these aforementioned bloggers. I’m excited and cannot wait to get working on this.


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