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Get it?  Like Xanadu, the mythical etcetera, etcetera Citizen Kane/Coleridge reference etcetera?  Except with Canada, which also is a mythical place.  Today I am in Minnesota, yet another mythical place, and I am traveling there after two and a half years of living in North Carolina for the marriage of two college friends.  On Friday the high up here was supposed to be 14 degrees without wind chill factored in.  So, in honor of cold places, you should definitely check out the amazing website of the National Film Board of Canada.

Viewing this beauty, it’s easy to wish that the US would be more socialist.  Allocate a trillion or so dollars to some stuff maybe.  My favorites are of course, the animated films.  Like this one (long time Taser’s Edge readers will remember it):

Norman McLaren’s “Le Merle (The Blackbird)”

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The “stimulus” bill has $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts – someone must be listening to you!

Comment by TJarrett

You know, I actually thought about that when I wrote this post. Money for the NEA’s not quite as cool, because there’s not a sweet website with lots of award-winning content for free, as far as I know. As for the politics of the thing, I’m starting to wonder if those FDR comparisons are starting to go to Obama’s head. I really do love the existence of the NEA, but right now? I think the fact that Holly’s school has told her that they can not replace data projector bulbs or get any new copy paper beyond their current supplies might just point to more pressing needs.

Comment by tasersedge

Don’t steal the name! Nice blog. I’ve been to Duluth and it was a little like Narnia.

Comment by Canadu

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