The Taser's Edge

Shattered Dreams Saved by Deceit (Once Again)
February 27, 2009, 2:00 am
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I was just telling some friends yesterday that I had blogged every day in February.  Even as I told them, I realized that the streak was even then being broken by our hanging out.  Sipping George Dickel Tennessee Whisky and deciding that I might just be a beer man, at least most of the time?  Yes.  Smoking a couple fine Nicaraguan hand-imported cigars, which I can still taste, but which I hopefully no longer smell like?  Yes.  Discussing strange encounters with even stranger neighbors (such as the nearby bachelor odd couple of a PTSD-diagnosed Vietnam vet and his authentically Freudian psychoanalyst friend)?  Certainly.  Updating my blog before midnight when I didn’t get home until 2am?  Nope.

Pre-dating my blog post so that all the days of February will light up in pretty, albeit fraudulent red?  Yes indeedy.  It is now 6:17pm on the night of Saturday the 28th.  Soon this will be published at 2am, early on the morning of the 27th.

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