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Mathematicians suspect that there may be even larger numbers.

I Twittered A Town Called Panic a couple days ago.  It’s not imbeddable, so check out that link.  Think clean Robot Chicken, a different kind of Wallace and Gromit (and ATCP‘ is also connected to Aardman Studios), Gumby but actually interesting and/or funny.  A feature film version apparently screened at Cannes, but the DVDs of the show aren’t yet available in Region 1.

And when I posted it on Jay’s Facebook wall, he responded with this bit of British brilliance, Look Around You.  At first I thought it was some kind of comedy genius, self-conscious to the ridiculousness of the 1980s, even while experiencing it firsthand.  Instead, according to Wikipedia, it is some sort of comedy genius made in 2002 and 2005.  Posted this one especially for Ben, but you don’t have to read math books in your spare time to find this funny.

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Those were both pretty good. Tara was sitting across the room from me wondering what the heck I could possibly be watching.

Comment by Zack J.

It’s good to see something funny these days. Most the time, all I see is death…

Comment by benreedisalive

Well, I guess I’m glad I could help. Have you tried Carol Burnett for your eye condition?

Comment by tasersedge

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