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Tuesday Reading Roundup: Sci-Fi Edition

I can’t remember the last time I sat down and read 300 pages of a book (perhaps knocking out the second half of the Harry Potter series last summer), but today became the non-showering, non-dog-walking day to do it.  And I finished Dune by Frank Herbert.  Zack, Ben, Courtney…you would like it.  I need to go back and watch the David Lynch version, although the scenes on YouTube sure make both book and movie look lame.  New movie version (supposedly) to arrive in 2010.  Don’t get your hopes up.  I think Dune is a good example of all those great works that don’t need to be translated into motion picture.

And the other book I finished since last Tuesday: Watchmen by Alan Moore.  As I was already thinking last week, it did outshine the first reading on this second time through.  And I learned something in the process.  I need to stop reading graphic novels as if they were pure text.  Graphic novels are a different medium and must be read differently to be enjoyed and understood on their own terms.  I guess this means I have to go back and read every graphic novel I’ve ever read.  Oh well…what a rough life have I.

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I agree with your assessment of the in-translatibility of Dune

I would wager that two thirds of the writing is the internal dialogue of the main characters. Call it Bene Jesserit or Mentat, nobody is that observant.

As was succinctly put by Book-A-Minute (do they do it any other way?)

Frank Herbert
I’m lots smarter than you are. I challenge you to understand even one of my paragraphs!
Gee, Frank Herbert is smart. I can’t even find the plot.

Comment by Marc

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