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Project Natal vs. the Wii?
June 6, 2009, 5:30 pm
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So have you heard about Microsoft’s Project Natal yet?  All the coverage talks about how it out-Wiis the Wii.  Basically, it picks up your body movements and uses them as a game controller, so you don’t even need a separate controller.  Supposedly coming out for XBox 360 at some point in the future.

1.  To begin with, I’m not convinced that the reason people like the Wii is because it makes you move realistically.  I’m visualizing a curve of fun:reality.  More reality is only more fun up to a certain point.  When you have to jump around to play soccer, I’m not sure that it’s actually very fun as a video game.  If video gamers wanted to do that, then they would like going outside.  Wii does have some innovation, and it makes you move sometimes.  In the end, though, it’s not new technology but gameplay and game design that makes the system.  As is already evidenced by how hard Wiis were to find for so long, despite having the least processing power of the big 3 (by far).

2. If Microsoft wants to kill the Wii, they are going to have to figure out advertising.  For instance, compare the insufferable acting (and inexcusable use of good music behind that terrible acting) above vs. this ad for the new Punch Out! on Wii:

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Your tires are toast. Go to the pit!

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