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Poor Messaging for the Palm Pre

Oh, how nice.  A thousand Asians worshiping and being controlled by a White woman, powerful fertility/earth goddess that she may be, as she totes that attractive new cellphone/talisman which we suspect may be the source of her power over all those men dressed in traditional/stereotypical-Tibetan-Buddhist-monk-orange.  Think about your messages, advertisers.  That is the definition and full extent of your job, after all.  You’re not off the hook just because you hired the guy who choreographed the Beijing Olympics opening to do your ad’s choreography.

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Hahaha, that’s hilariously offensive. Either they’re bowing to the white woman–which was probably not their intention, or they’re bowing to a phone. Which probably was.

Comment by Ben

Wow,apparently they broke the glass ceiling in Tibet. That commercial would not have been any less effective sans the dancing monks in my opinion. What strange ways companies spend their money.

Comment by Brad

Life is a little more complicated than touch screening your way through it. What a blatant understatement of everything life isn’t.

Comment by Terry

I think you’d have to come from a culture recovering (?) from habitual oppression of other peoples to get offended by this. Spooking at shadows, so to speak. This kind of art is common in a lot of eastern countries; the people don’t represent people (or Asian people in particular), they represent parts of an image. I think the only thing to get offended at here is maybe the prostitution of an art form for commercial purposes- which, I admit, doesn’t bother me that much either.

Just my three cents.

Comment by Zack J.

Sorry, in a confrontational mood. I just got done with a couple discussions in the atheist boards at Reddit.

Comment by Zack J.

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