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A Novel Idea for A Novel (Idea)

I love Guillermo del Toro, and still contend that Hellboy is one of the best superhero movies out there, but, bless his heart (and an extra blessing now that he’s responsible for making sure The Hobbit doesn’t suck), he freaks me out a lot.  (Some readers will only need to read the title of this clip from Pan’s Labyrinth, and I couldn’t not show you this.)

To the point, check out this, one of three trailers for his new book (yes, book), his first novel, The Strain:

And then, even if you hate vampires and all things creepy, check out this sweet interview he did with NPR, in which he talks about his second house, Bleak House, dedicated to his libraries. (thanks to Holly for the link)

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NPR tends to have pretty good interviews.

Comment by Doctorate Upholder

Eek! Hand-eye guy! And yes, everyone, del Toro made a film trailer for his novel.

Comment by bouquetofparentheses

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