The Taser's Edge

Final score–one massive yay, one sizable sigh, two boos

Last week I found out that I am really going to be ordained as a deacon in the Anglican Mission in America.  The papers are in.  The approvals have been made.  The service is being planned.  It is crazemazing.  It is also a letdown.

It is not a letdown in itself but in the fact that I do not know myself if I am not seeking ordination.  I was 19 when I began the United Methodist ordination process, 24 when I dropped out, 25 when I began the AMiA process, and now at age 26 I am getting ordained as a deacon.  Long story short, I have known myself as a self seeking ordination for my entire adult life.  (By the way, in the Anglican world, you become a deacon before a priest.  They are not separate paths.)

So, that is a yay for ordination and a hmm for exploring what is so depressing about accomplishing things that are incredibly meaningful and important.  There are also two boos to add the scoreboard.  On Monday or Tuesday, Franny the intrepid greyhound developed a weird, scary red eye thing.  Her eyes have gotten redder ever since, and I wish I had not seen the pictures I found when I Googled “greyhound red eyes.”  Appointment tomorrow.

Then today, I parked as usual (when I drive) for work.  On Duke’s campus, parking is at a premium, a strange fact with all the acreage.  I don’t have a parking pass (and it is Div School students, or former Div School students in my case, who excel above all other grad students at living on the cheap and mapping out every corner of non-banned) so I park on Swift Ave. , a well-known street to anyone who knows Duke-on-the-cheap.  (It’s pronounced Swift Av, never Avenue.)  It bisects Campus Dr., is in full view of two bus stops, is close to some nice homes, and obviously there are people around, parking or driving away throughout the day.  Sometime between 8am and 5pm, my window got smashed in and the car stereo was stolen.

For those of you keeping track of how often our car has been violated in Durham, this is break-in number five, stereo number four, and passenger window number two.  I love Durham because it has dirt under its fingernails and some of that weird fungus-stuff growing on its elbows.  But I think I would like Durham just as well if she was slightly less gritty.  Bless her heart.

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