The Taser's Edge

Holler for Hollerith

Not all letters are equally exciting.

Exhibit A: “Dear [Taser]: I am pleased to offer my official approval that you be ordained to the Order of Deacons in the Anglican Mission in the Americas…Faithfully in Christ, The Rt. Rev. Terrell L. Glenn, Jr.”   Woot to the woot!

Exhibit B: “Dear Resident [i.e. Taser]: About one week from now you will receive a 2010 Census form in the mail.  When you receive your form, please fill it out and mail it in promptly…Sincerely, Robert M. Groves, Director, U.S. Census Bureau”

$12.5 trillion national debt and you (i.e., The Man) send who knows how many letters informing us that you are sending us letters.  It’s like a government takeover of Census-taking.  The Gipper is rolling over in his grave.  Herman Hollerith is rolling too, but it’s because he’s happy.

Exciting, Shocking, and Legitimate Update: In a random and bizarre coincidence, it turns out that the two letters are actually related by more than my mailbox.  Herman Hollerith IV was last year consecrated as the Episcopal Bishop of Southern Virginia.

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