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A Message Worth Passing On

Even though I have no real idea who this person is, I received this comment recently on a year old blog post:

“Hi Dear.
i am Pastor Patras Dewan From Pakistan.its nice to see your website.we want you to pray for us.we are specially working in Rurual Areas of Pakistan to Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Pastor Patras Dewan.”

This isn’t an endorsement of Pastor Patras’ ministry (as I’m totally uninformed) but his website is definitely interesting, and his ministry ideas are exciting.

Also, tonight I met a friend of an old (is four years old?) friend.  Randomly he had read my blog and even remembered the name.  Crazy coincidence (making two coincidence posts in a row–a coincidence?) and deeply pleasing.

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Hey! Only I can call you “dear.” Just kidding.

Comment by bouquetofparentheses

P.S. Please get rid of the grass. I miss the picture of us. Boo.

Comment by bouquetofparentheses

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