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“premarital sex hauerwas”
March 11, 2010, 1:00 am
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Yesterday someone came across this blog after Googling (or perhaps Binging) just that phrase.  Sorry I haven’t actually written on that, dear searcher, but I’d be happy to make up some crap.

From Hauerwas’ forthcoming work: “In modernity, marriage became identified with the Constantinian myth of the ‘visible church’ and then was, unsurprisingly, assimilated into the civil society (which, of course, is the same reality as the visible church).  Just as baptism had become an identity marker of participation in the modern nation-state, so also was marriage co-opted.  As a result, any meaningful discussion of sexuality within the church became impossible.  Sex is meaningless apart from community.  Without the community, sex can never lead to happiness; no matter how much habituation one undertakes in sex apart from the community, it will not inculcate virtue.  Premarital sex is also meaningless, but then again, that’s the point.”

I find it interesting that although he returns to some of the major themes of previous works, his style is entirely different in that excerpt from collected online quotes such as these (for the uninitiated).

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