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If the music weren’t so good…

this video for Sigur Ros’ Jonsi’s solo album, Go, would terrify me.  Actually it does terrify me, but the album is great.  Annoyingly the video is unimbeddable.  Not sure why folks hate free advertising so much.

But I am glad to see that some of Sigur Ros’ older videos are imbeddable, including this unforgettable one (of several) from 2001, “Svefn-G-Englar”:

I’ve been listening to Go about three times a day for the last few days while doing my end-of-year CPE residency project, Receiving Pastoral Care: A Critical Integration.  The idea of the project is that the contemporary theory and practice of pastoral care is impoverished by its utter disconnect from classical Christian resources.  Exciting to me at least.  Not sure that it will get to any form shareable on a blog.

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Sigur Ros videos = yay!

Have you heard about the movie called The Birds? I bet that would scare you too.

Comment by Holly

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