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Meet Fr. Pfleger

Props to Ignatius Press’ Insight Scoop blog for the link.  They’re not fans of Fr. Pfleger’s work, though, writing,

What’s the difference between Fr. Pfleger and a typical Pentecostal, holy-rolling televangelist? I think it might be that the televangelist is more orthodox than Fr. Pfleger, whose grasp of basic Catholic doctrine is not simply tenuous: it is apparently non-existent.

It’s not a very fair characterization, though, seeming to make fun of both Pentecostalism and Fr. Pfleger by comparing them to each other.  It would have been more accurate and less snarky and snipey to say that Pfleger doesn’t seem to be Catholic in more than having been ordained a priest.  He’s not Pentecostal in any way theologically, despite his preaching style.  And the content of his life’s work and preaching has very little in common with any televangelist  I’ve heard of.  But who is Father Pfleger?  A Roman Catholic priest in Chicago…

  • Who last week preached (and soon apologized, or half-apologized) that priests should be able to marry and women should be ordained as priests, bishops, and cardinals.
  • Who on Good Friday had both Jeremiah Wright and Renita Weems preach short homilies at his church.
  • Who in May 2008 was characterized by the very right American Thinker blog as “Jeremiah Wright on a very bad acid trip.”  The same blog seems to believe that being friends with Wright is a crime against both God and America in itself.  Oh yeah, the post is named “The Demonic Father Pfleger.”
  • Who made the aforementioned blog angry in particular with some fightin’ words in a sermon at Trinity UCC (Wright’s church), in which he spoke of Hilary’s then recent tears in New Hampshire, saying that he, unlike many others, believed they were sincere, but coming out of her entitled belief that “I just always believed this was mine.  I’m Bill’s wife.  I’m white.  And this is mine.”  The video of it is really worth watching, from 2:30 at least.
  • Who has a Facebook fan page on which he writes often.

I would love to drop by his church for Sunday Mass, to actually see a whole worship service.  Or maybe I should just listen to a sermon or two first.  It’s easier to demonize him (alongside Jeremiah Wright) without actually, first, listening and then, secondly, listening.

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