The Taser's Edge

Julian of Norwich

And thus our good Lord answered all the questions and doubts I could put forward, saying most comfortably as follows: ‘I will make all things well, and I shall make all things well, I may make all things well and I can make all things well; and you shall see for yourself that all things shall be well.’  I take ‘I may’ for the words of the Father, I take ‘I can’ for the words of the Son and I take ‘I will’ for the words of the Holy Ghost; and where he says ‘I shall’, I take it for the unity of the Holy Trinity, three persons in one truth; and where he says, ‘You shall see for yourself’, I understand it as referred to the union with the Holy Trinity of all mankind who shall be saved…

It is God’s wish that we should know in general terms that all shall be well; but it is not God’s wish that we should understand it now…

Although our Lord showed me that I would sin, by me alone I understood everyone.  At this I began to feel a quiet fear, and to this our Lord answered me as follows: ‘I am keeping you very safe.’  This promise was made to me with more love and assurance and spiritual sustenance than I can possibly say, for just as it was previously shown that I would sin, the help was also shown to me: safety and protection for all my fellow Christians.  What could make me love my fellow Christians more than to see in God that he loves all who shall be saved as though they were one soul?

Excerpts are from Julian of Norwich’s Revelations of Divine Love, translated by Elizabeth Spearing, Penguin Classics.  Today is May 8th, the day Christian tradition assigns to the beginning of Julian’s “Showings”.

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