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Wanted to answer a couple friends who wanted to know what I Google Read.  Aside from news feeds (Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune, New York Times, L.A. Times, BBC News, Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor) and friends’ feeds, and not in any order, fifteen blogs which I probably read the most often…

  1. AdFreaks–Blog of AdWeek, with great social commentary on advertising
  2. The Allmusic Blog–’s blog tells me about music I’ve never heard of with nearly every post.
  3. Boing Boing–What my dream site would be, if I could pull together a dream team of interesting people interested in interesting stuff.
  4. Comixed–Current funny site I return to most often
  5. dotCommonweal–Liberal Catholic politics, religion, and culture
  6. Drawn!–Art, animation, etc., and from Canada!
  7. Episcopal Cafe–Liberal Episcopal\Anglican blog
  8. Faith and Theology–solo theologian/professor (with some guest posts) in Australia
  9. First Things: On the Square–(very) conservative Catholic politics, theology, and culture (with some serious neo-con-ness)
  10. Insight Scoop–ditto on the conservative Catholic-ness, the blog of Ignatius Press
  11. Movie Morlocks–Turner Classic Movies blog
  12. PostSecret–You’ve heard of this already
  13. The Sartorialist–Fashion blog
  14. /Film–Movie news
  15. Theophiliacs–Young group of moderate Anglican bloggers

I’m a fickle reader, so it really varies what I return to from week to week.  These are the current ones.

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Thanks for linking to us, always great to encounter a reader.

Comment by adhunt

Fair brief description of your blog?

Comment by tasersedge

Absolutely. Though I would have thrown in something about well crafted beer 🙂

Comment by adhunt

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