The Taser's Edge

Transitioning to Something, Not to Nothing

Okay, I couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t name this post “It is finished.”  Maybe in the right company.

Yesterday at 11am, I celebrated with the whole Pastoral Services Department the completion of my residency year with a banquet.  Yesterday at 6pm, I celebrated with my fellow members the completion of the 22-month Anglican Missional Pastor program with a feast (and that one had booze!).

Today at 8am, I met for the last time with Anglican Missional Pastor folks (in that setting).  And at 3pm, I was back at Duke for my final residency work.

22-month ending of AMP.  12-month ending of CPE.  And the new beginning is summer, for which I don’t know a three letter acronym, although SUN and FUN are neck-and-neck in this lame race.

And I might be helped at least a little by the fact that the Psychology Today blog was doing some work on transition theory this week.  Check their articles out, or look at this handy-dandy chart, an oracle of my life (or not).

The Transition Curve

I don’t want to define this new space as nothingness.  I don’t want to define it as unemployment.  I don’t want to define it in terms of what it lacks.  I want to enjoy my rest.

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