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The SCAR Project

I not-so-regularly follow Chemo Chic, a blog only somewhat facetiously subtitled, “A Guide to Surviving Breast Cancer with Style.”  This week, its author posted about The SCAR Project (from its website: “The SCAR Project is a series of large-scale black and white portraits of young women surviving breast cancer.”)

While the following is not my favorite picture, it was the one I could access and steal.  While viewing it, I urge you to think about these words from Chemo Chic’s post:

[B]ecoming Chemo Chic is not a matter of desperately trying to stay the same as we were before. Following a diagnosis of breast cancer many women must face searching questions: “How can I possibly look beautiful without my hair? How can I feel feminine without my breasts? How do I find a way to step into my new reality?”

We need to redefine what beauty is.

So many connections and ideas fly through my head while thinking about this, but I don’t want to lessen the impact of the photo above.

If you want to see more, the best source is not The SCAR Project website (although the photographer is still looking for subjects there) but David Jay’s (the photographer’s) blog.  There is unfortunately no way to link you directly to the particular gallery, but click here to get to the home page, then click on “Shoots” in the bottom left, which will slide out a panel from the right.  Slide the cursor down on that panel, and it will scroll down, eventually revealing “The SCAR Project,” which you can then open.

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thanks for sharing! indeed we need to redefine what beauty is.

Comment by Dana

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