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An Eccentricity in Nutrition

I really would like to be a healthy person.  I really would like to take care of my whole self.  Obviously, exercise is hard.  Everybody knows that.  Not everybody realizes how annoying the nutrition side is, however.  And I don’t mean making healthy choices; I mean the labor.  Not all of can afford Subway 3 meals a day.

Lately, I’ve been knocking out my fruit needs for the day in one blow.  Peeling fruit is so annoying, but you need the whole fruit not just the juice, despite what the OJ container says.  Not sure how, but I might eventually be able to figure out how to get in the veggies, too.

So…a recipe I used this morning (just one instance of many):
-1 peach, pitted and quartered
-2 clementines, peeled
-5-6 large frozen strawberries
-splash of orange juice
-plain nonfat yogurt to taste

1. Add all ingredients to a reliable blender.  (I highly recommend the Osterizer Classic, with its innovative 3-way switch–On, Off, Pulse–rather than 17 different and mostly useless speeds.)
2. Turn on blender.

Note1: The orange juice is to add extra liquid for easier blending.  You may not need it, and it basically just adds unnecessary sweetness.
Note2: Added yogurt is to cut back the sweetness with some tartness.  This again is about preference.
Note3: I sometimes add some milled flaxseed (1-2 T. per serving), but that’s not always the consistency I want.

If you have young enough kids, you can even pretend that this is dessert.  (It’s not, but it’s a much better lie than Santa.)

And…if you don’t like it, you can always De Blend it:

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