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It Finally Makes Sense

In Fall 2008, after the release of Two Lovers co-starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Joaquin Phoenix announces he is done with acting for good:

In February 2009, Joaquin Phoenix freaks out on Letterman in exactly the way that gets under Letterman’s skin:

In March 2009, Phoenix launches his rap career in Miami and then gets into a fight with an audience member:

In September 2010, I’m Still Here, a new “documentary”* starring Joaquin Phoenix arrives in theaters:

*Or is it?  That last frame of the trailer seems a bit odd.  A documentary “Written and produced by Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix”?

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Amazing. He looks so different in the Two Lovers trailer! Like, hot, and not fat. Hilarious.

Comment by bouquetofparentheses

ha. Okay, not to loft up celebrities too much, (since they are first and foremost pretty, famous, and rich) but I think it does take some chutzpah to keep showing up in public acting like a crazy person at whom everyone is laughing. Count me as intrigued…

Comment by Kathryn

Also, I realize that I am considering this documentary and joaquin’s “retirement” as an elaborate artistic scheme. So, maybe I’m wrong. But there are my presumptions.

Comment by Kathryn

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