The Taser's Edge

False Selves and True Selves

Twinned excerpted quotes from Paradox: The Spiritual Path to Transformation on rejecting/destroying/releasing/pushing through/”relinquishing” our false selves and coming to know and be our true selves…

From Thomas Merton’s New Seeds of Contemplation:

To say I was born in sin is to say I came into the world with a false self.  I was born in a mask.  I came into existence under a sign of contradiction, being someone that I was never intended to be and therefore, a denial of what I am supposed to be.  And thus I came into existence and non-existence at the same time because from the very start I was something that I was not.

And from Idries Shah’s The Way of the Sufi:

Shibli was asked: “Who guided you in the Path?”

He said: “A dog.  One day I saw him, almost dead with thirst, standing by the water’s edge.  Every time he looked at his reflection in the water he was frightened, because he thought it was another dog.

“Finally, such was his necessity, he cast away fear and leapt into the water; at which the ‘other dog’ vanished.  The dog found that the obstacle, which was himself, the barrier between him and what he sought, melted away.

“In this same way my own obstacle vanished, when I knew that it was what I took to be my own self.  And my Way was first shown to me by the behavior of–a dog.”

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I think the dog was thirsty.

Comment by Lance Ponder

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