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January 31, 2011, 9:03 pm
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It’s not so much that Twitter is some wondrous thing (although it is, especially when things are happening in the world and feeds like @dailydish and @nickkristof are keeping me up-to-date).  It’s that information is an addiction for me.  To learn about stuff, to know stuff, to master knowledge.  It has served me well, academically speaking and curiosity-wise, but it’s also dangerous (as is every attempt at mastery).

Twitter is an endless deluge of information on everything.  Hook a firehose up to your PICC line, and it will not turn out well for you.  This last week I reengaged the Twitter world, got up to following 200 feeds or so, and realized that if I am monitoring it with any level of sanity, I can’t possibly keep in touch with all those.  What’s more, I don’t know that I want to.  Slowly I’m weaning back down to those I actually want to follow but won’t be killed by the frequency of tweets.  Twitter still tends toward the distraction rather than the substantial, and I’ve got plenty of distraction without it.

Still, I’m trying to tweet at least a couple times a day, it’s now right in the left-hand panel over there (on the actual blog).  Follow me @tasersedge, and I’ll try to up the substance percentage of Twitter a bit.  The intention is to actually have some content over there, so if you still hate Twitter but want to follow, know that you can add a Twitter feed to Google Reader and its ilk.

In conclusion, follow @BorowitzReport.  If you like funny things, you will not be disappointed.

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