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How We Misunderstand Grace, Pt. II

At the end of the last post, I made mention of ‘cheap’ vs. ‘costly’ grace and linked you over to a Wikipedia article on Bonhoeffer’s (The Cost of) Discipleship, the book from which most people know those terms.  That link was to say, “I know you may think this is cheap grace, but I know what cheap grace is, and this is not it.”  Bonhoeffer was responding to one flawed way of talking about grace, and I’m talking about another.

The question to push this ahead is, “Where is the locus of grace?”  Unlike Bonhoeffer, I am not talking about being in relationship with the Christ who offers forgiveness for your sins (although, yes, I am too).  Rather I am talking about the grace involved when God pursues us again and again before we have really entered into relationship.  Grace is that God pursues us despite our attempts to lose or reject our pursuer.  Grace is that God continues to make the effort, ten bajillion rejections in.  Grace is extended before the gift of new and abundant life has even been given.  That is the grace and the will to pursue right relationship with another person or with ourselves.  We offer grace in order to keep trying to have an opportunity (a relationship in which) to offer grace.  That is grace.

(And yes, I am writing this to think on particular relationships which are recently exhausting my capacity for offering grace.)

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