The Taser's Edge

I’m telling you

I’m telling you

God is love,
and love is always more than you think,
because love has no endings, only beginnings:
As St. Paul told me, “Love never ends.”

I have consumed more Woody Allen than you want to,
Ditto for Augustine the African.
But I’ve read far less than I want to
Of Barth and Merton and Billy Wilder
and a whole flock of living witnesses
who will never write a word
or even be heard of in the next town over.

I’m telling you

The Holy Ghost is calling us to imagine that
Some morning soon we’ll have wings
Just like hers, but for now
We just have some baby feathers coming in.

Downy fuzz made of gold like glass,
making us itch like hell,
which is why this is the point (for now):
I’m supposed to irritate you too.

Note: I was rewriting the About section for the blog and this poem is what happened. It is the About section. And I posted it too for RSS followers.

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