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Two Views on Why to Homeschool

Check out the strange and interesting overlap in the following arguments, where both authors (who would likely agree on literally nothing else in life) agree on how badly they believe public schools served their children, particularly in the realm of opening up and challenging the imagination.  I’m particularly interested in how these particular juxtaposed quotes also bring religious reasoning and language into the debate.

1) From a conservative (politically and theologically) Lutheran woman’s blog post:

We are Christians, but that’s not why we homeschool. If the secular, liberal worldview of public schools were the only issue, we could address it by sending our children to a private Christian school. But private Christian schools are by and large structured and governed by the same assumptions as public schools and as a result have the same frustration-inducing, curiosity-killing effects.

2.) From a National Book Award winning novelist whose latest book I wrote on earlier this week (and who seems to have a not-so-Augustinian view of human nature) in an article for

We started out anxious about whether we could match what the schools give. We ended up with totally new heads — wanting to match nothing, none of it, desiring only to wallow in this tremendous relief at no longer having to participate. Man! — it’s like the Church in the 14th century. And we’ve gone pagan.

For the record, Holly and I are pro-public schools for a multiplicity of reasons.  Speaking for myself, I’m pro public schools because I’m a Christian.  There is literally no better place to learn to love your neighbor (a learning which will surely help us to better love God).