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On a lighter note…

That last post really left me feeling a bit drained emotionally.  Actually that was mostly due to the comments from jonolan.  Reading Thomas Aquinas’ Treatise on the Virtues just became impossible (or so I claimed to myself), so I watched Serpico for the first time instead.  Nice counterculture + cop movie, and I love how much profanity that clip has immediately.  Sorry I didn’t warn you.

To the point of this post, what really lifted me out of the funk was this, “Jihad Fail” from

This makes me so angry I think my head is going to explode

I also wish that Bishop Williamson’s head would explode, and I am not a violent guy.  See if you can even watch the whole clip, which was broadcast this January.  It took me several attempts.

I think I really need to go cry.  I know that Pope Benedict needs to remove him as quickly as possible, and I hope the Vatican truly was unaware of Williamson’s beliefs.  This is a good start.