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Where the Wild Things Are trailer plus other stuff

I seriously don’t think I have ever been as excited by an upcoming movie as this trailer makes me (not necessarily a good thing, as this movie can’t possibly be as good as this trailer).  Where the Wild Things Are (more traditional version here), screenplay by Spike Jonze (Adaptation; Being John Malkovich; a crapload of great music videos) and freakin’ Dave Eggers; adapted of course from the Maurice Sendak book (Ben’s favorite); directed by Spike Jonze.  That first shot of Max running in his costume!  I will watch this trailer repeatedly in future.  Insert excessive adjectives here:

Also, Public Enemies.  Michael Mann (director of many things everyone should see) directing Johnny Depp equals awesome.  Also, another opportunity to continue figuring out if Christian Bale is actually a good adult actor:

Also, for you Entourage lovers, Christian Bale is starring in the real Medellin (er, kind of).  Killing Pablo, based on the book by Mark Bowden (Black Hawk Down was pretty good), adapted for screen and directed by Joe Carnahan (Narc was dang good, albeit disturbing in content).

But, while you’re waiting for all that (and I actually love this):

I’m not so happy with this, John Lasseter’s 1980s attempt.  (The animation is at the end.):