The Taser's Edge

We Need a God Who Can Teach Us How to Be Old

A conversation between the main character/narrator and a dying Jesuit hagiographer friend:

     “I have not yet found a God to teach me how to be old,” I said.  “Have you?” 

     “Shhh, not so loud.  The nuns must not know in what a spiritual state I am.  Yes, yes, I have found Him, and He is the very best of company.  Very calm, very quiet, but gloriously alive.  We do, but He is.  Not in the least a proselytizer or a careerist, like His sons.”

Not really an amazing book, but a book with amazing sections, writing, and ideas.  And it’s not just because I’m a chaplain.  Truly, we need a god who can teach us how to be old.