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Something is wrong, and its name is Huffington Post.  They update way too often (which I suppose I already knew).  At any rate, we continue the experience of Google Reading on both sides of the aisle (see last post). Two article recommendations:

1. (On the right for the left): A Clear Danger to Freedom of Speech by the editors of National Review Online–The editors of National Review Online (and I am not sure if they are the same as the print editors) have never liked McCain-Feingold.  The new problem case: Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, in which Deputy Solicitor General Malcolm Stewart has argued that just as McCain-Feingold allows the government to ban corporate sponsored ads, so they can ban the showing of a full-length documentary vilifying Hillary Clinton, as well as other movies and books which the government sees fit.  In the editors’ words, with Stewart’s argument, “Jaws dropped, black robes fluttered.”  No, I don’t want to see Hillary: The Movie.  Yes, McCain-Feingold is a well-intentioned but badly written law.  (And yes, there are plenty of other laws that fit that description.)

2. (On the left for the right): Zombie Media Fighting the Last Gotcha War by Leslie Savan of The Nation‘s State of Change blog–Savan argues that the White House Press corps’ tactics have not changed with the arrival of a new president, and singles out several journalists by name for asking dumb and/or soft questions of the president last Tuesday.  She’s not at all friendly to Bush (“Clearly, the stem cells from which this press corps was hatched have been genetically engineered to thrive only at Dubya’s level, and therefore the media isn’t advanced enough yet to ask questions that don’t elicit pompous moralizing or misdirect the public interest–much less to challenge the intellect and resolve of a sitting president.”), but, as we have hopefully learned by now, it’s always a good thing for the press to ask hard questions of people in power, and especially of the president.