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Remix For the End of Time

Imagine this:

Plus this:

And you begin to get an idea of what Holly and I experienced at Duke’s Page Auditorium last night, seated in second row orchestra left (rejoice! $5 student tickets!).  Klezmer and classical clarinetist great David Krakauer (whom you saw in the second video), Matt Haimovitz on cello, Todd Reynolds on violin, and Geoff Burleson on piano played Olivier Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time (part of which you saw in the first video).

It’s an amazing piece that I remembered from my 20th Century Music class at Concordia (read about the really interesting story behind the piece here), and I had been excited it was going to be performed at Duke when I first saw the schedule for this year.  On top of that, Messiaen’s original Quartet was placed between an original composition by Krakauer, Akoka, written in honor of the original, Jewish clarinetist who had played the piece in its first performance at a German POW camp in 1941; and a remix of the Quartet at the end with DJ Socalled, the balding guy you saw in the second video messing with the sequencer and then on the piano.  He also raps and is awesome.  A recording of this programme (not this particular concert) is going to be released later this year on Oxingale Records, a small classical label apparently owned by Haimovitz, the cellist.  At that time you should support Oxingale Records.

Signing off, I leave with this unimbeddable bit of disturbance by DJ Socalled.