The Taser's Edge

My Summer with Augie

The summer after my first year at Duke Div, a good friend with whom I was serving at a rural United Methodist Church introduced me to Noon Prayer and Anglicanism.  That summer he also read Augustine’s City of God for the first time, in (at least) ten pages a day.

I actually attempted City of God for the first time, for some crazy reason, in high school.  I was well-read for a high schooler, and I knew the Bible, but I knew next to no formal theology, and I had even less experience reading theological texts closely.  What I best remember about that attempt are weird tales of human babies being heard crying in the womb and cows…well, cows doing something weird having to do with birth, too.  It’s all jumbled up.

I’ve followed Phil (the aforementioned good friend) in a number of things, and now I’m working on City of God.  Having hated viewing and participating in organized sports all my life, out of a distaste for competition, I find that I am actually extremely competitive in other areas.  And so here I go, City of God in a whoppingly competitive…12 pages (or more) a day.  If you’re wondering, today (Day 5 or 6) I reached page 77 out 1091 (Book II, Chapter 22).