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Book Time Times 4 (Plus 1)

This year’s Pulitzers are out and everybody’s talking about books:

1. William H. Gass talks to St. Louis Magazine about his 20,000 volume personal collection.

2. ABEbooks provides their “Top 10 Forgotten Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novels.”

3. NPR lists 17 forgotten Pulitzer-winning novels.

4. Hugh Laurie’s (House) 1996 spy spoof novel, The Gun Seller, becomes a best seller in France.

5. Creepy baby preacher works creepy congregation with practiced ease:

Steven Fry in America

You might remember him from Robert Altman’s Gosford Park. You might remember him from Jeeves and Wooster (as Jeeves to Hugh “you now know him as House” Laurie’s Wooster).  If neither of those ring a bell, then he’s also in V for Vendetta.  It’s Steven Fry, of course, and his show for the BBC is great fun: Steven Fry in America.  Here he is talking to Morgan Freeman about the Mississippi Delta.

Another interesting (as well as informative and very strange) one is this visit to a Nevada legal brothel.